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Not Much, But Still Interesting

Today I found something interesting that I hadn't noticed before. I noticed a couple other people had personal web pages on the webserver, and I was curious how I could get my own. I quickly found out that, since I am in computer science classes, I don't really have to do anything -- everything is already there for me!

Buried in the help files of the mathematical sciences division at the University of Iowa is an article for creating personal web pages. here are the steps.

  1. Login to the linux server. This is as simple as downloading Putty for Windows (or SSH for Linux). Choose to connect to "". Your username is your hawkid, and you should have received your password at the start of your first Computer Science class.
  2. Type in "mkpub". Ignore it if it says you already have a file.
  3. Type in "cd .public-html"
  4. Type in "nano -w index.html"
That's it! You're now in a text editor that lets you edit your public html index file. Feel free to type whatever you want in here. You can also use other text editors, but I feel that nano is the easiest for beginners. Go to wordpad, type your HTML, copy everything, then go back to PUTTY and Nano. Hold Ctrl+K to delete everything, then simply right-click to paste. The use Ctrl+X to exit, and type "y" to save, then enter again to confirm the filename.

More: You can access your site/page at,, or If you find that PHP works, you can easily make a separate page for each site, and enjoy the benefits found with it!

If you want a graphical interface, check out NoMachine.


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