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Copyright Restriction

OSUM has recieved this notice from the University of Iowa:

Because of licensing issues, OSUM members cannot use OSUM organization resources to re-distribute any software. During meetings, OSUM members can talk about software and show how to use the software but cannot facilitate the distribution of copies of the software. For instance, OSUM members cannot use the OSUM Club’s website to link directly to open source software.

We understand that you may be a little confused. Open Source Software, licensed under an Open Source License, contains no copyright that could adversely affect the University - these licenses require nothing more than the software remains free, and not be sold.

The Open Source University Meetup is, however, committed to abiding by the rules as set forth. As a result, the Open Source University Meetup will, at this time, provide no direct links to any open source software.

How Can I Get This Software?
All software discussed by the Open Source University Meetup is generally free and copyleft. This means you can go to a search resource, such as Google, type the name of the software, and you will easily find a downloadable copy.

We are very sorry for any inconvenience.


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