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Open Solaris OpenSolaris is an operating system offering a rich platform for application development and execution. With the majority of it's code distributed under an OSI-approved open source license, OpenSolaris is an excellent Open Source operating system.

Open Office is a completely free, open source productivity suite including Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Databases, and beyond. Unlike Microsoft Office, which can cost over a hundred dollars, OpenOffice is completely free and open to anyone.


VirtualBox is the perfect way to try out new operating systems, or even new software, without having to partition a hard drive. With VirtualBox it's possible to load an ISO image of an operating system, such as OpenSolaris or Ubuntu, and run it directly from whatever you are already using: Mac, PC, or whatever, while being able to access your current system at the same time. VirtualBox lets you try out a new operating system with no changes to your current configuration, and can be setup in minutes.


Java is a high level programming language designed to be compiled into Java Bytecode which can run on nearly an machine with a Java Virtual Machine. Java allows to create code once that can be used nearly anywhere, making excellent for application design, applet development, and web services. Today is the foundation of hundreds of web-based games, programs, and services, and is installed on nearly every PC on the internet.


Ruby is a very high level programming language, suitable for all levels, beginner through advanced, combining most of the best paradigms of programming. Ruby is easy to learn, and is highly recommended for beginners wanting to learn programming on their own. It has a natural syntax that is easy to read and easy to write. JRuby is the official Java powered implementation of Ruby, which includes immediate access to Java's features: especially it's graphical library.

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