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Free Web Space For University Students

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I've just found that students, faculty, professors, and staff have even more access to free web space on University servers. This is great for image hosting, putting up small pages, or even helping get more information to the world. This time, instead of being only for Computer Science students, this is for anyone.

First, sign up for your account. You want to be sure to give them the correct hawkid, and your university email address. Next you'll wait a day or two for them to send you confirmation. Then you can login to the server via FTP. Download FileZilla if you don't have it, and setup an account like this:
  • Host:
  • Port: 22
  • Type: SFTP, normal login
  • Username: yourhawkid
  • Password: youriowapassword
It's that simple! When you connect, navigate to /myweb/yourhawkid/ and publish your files in that directory. Your default file should probably be something like 'index.html', although they may accept script files (.asp seems acceptable).


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